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Free Lessons presented by Tall Toad Music

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"Queen Bee" by Taj Mahal

Gibson LG2 Americana

Level: Intermediate/Advanced


"Nellie Kane" Bluegrass tune

Gibson SJ True Vintage "Banner"

Level: Beginning/Intermediate


"Leader of the Band"

 Dan Folgerberg

2016 Gibson J45 Vintage



"Hammer On Excercise"

 Gibson J-45 Mahogany limited

Level: Beginner/intermediate

Cool "A major" pocket!

Gibson J-45 Pelham Blue

Level: Beginner


"Easy Living" Miranda Lambert

Gibson SJ Special 12 fret

Level: Intermediate/advanced


"Strumming Excercise"

2016 Gibson J45 Vintage w/ Thermal Top

Level: Beginner

"C Blues" turnaround

Gibson L-00 TV

Level: Intermediate


"Country Boy Will Survive" Hank Williams Jr.

Gibson J15



"Reverend Gary Davis Lick"

 Gibson L-1 Blue Tribute

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

"Jorma C blues turnaround"

Gibson J-50 "1947"

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

"The Chain" Intro

 Gibson J-35 "Vintage Collectors"

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

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