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Free Lessons presented by Tall Toad Music

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"Spike Driver Blues licks" by Mississippi John Hurt.

1926 Martin 0-18

Level: Advanced

Spice up your rhythm with "Sus" Chords

Gibson Lmtd. Hummingbird 12 String

Level: Beginning




Lead lines "Melissa" by Allman Bros.

Gibson​ lmtd. Mystic Rosewood AJ

Level: Intermediate


"The Lucky One" by Alison Krauss

Gibson 70's Hummingbird

Fingerstyle guitar lesson

Level: Intermediate

"Finger-style lesson"

Gibson J-185 Red Spruce

Level: Beginning-intermediate

"Bluegrass guitar lick" 

Gibson SJ 100 41'

Level: Intermediate

"Country Sixths" Lesson

Fender American Vintage Tele

Level: Intermediate

"Chicken" by Mississippi John Hurt

Gibson J45 "True Vintage"

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

"Quintessential Bluegrass Phrases"

Gibson Dwight Yoakam "Honky Tonk Deuce"

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

John Hurt Stye Blues Phrases

Gibson LG2 "American Eagle"

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

"These Days" by Jackson Browne

Gibson Jackson Browne Signature

Level: Intermediate

Finger Style Guitar Study

Gibson Western Classic

Level: Beginner

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