NEW Collings CJ-35

NEW Collings CJ-35


The pre-war era of American flattop guitar making has come to be known as "golden" for areason. Lauded for its short but brilliant periods of construction innovation, the years from 1930-1942 werefilled with new instrument runs that featured bracing, fret access and body dimension changes that woulddefine the features and sounds of the modern acoustic guitar. Emerging out of our fascination with this eraof guitar making history, Collings is proud to introduce the CJ35. Available with a mahogany back andslope-shouldered body, this new variation of our CJ model

incorporates a non-scalloped bracing configuration featuring three tone bars and a short 24 7/8" scale length. This new design provides the CJ35 with a beautiful balance of deep piano-like bass and powerful full-bodied highs, complimented by a focused dynamic range for exceptionally even note projection. As a result, the CJ35 is one of our most versatile large-bodied guitars, equally well-suited for a variety of playing styles.

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