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1642RT TITAN The Supro 1642RT Titan is a 50 Watt, 1×10, tube combo that cranks out astonishing stage volume and massive clean headroom while maintaining the coveted, Class-A Supro sound. This model is distinctly intended for the gigging guitarist who needs a small size, yet high-power, vintage flavored amp tube that can handle the output from a massive pedal board full of fuzz, delay and other stomp-boxes, without the need for an effects loop.

Combining the traditional, cathode-biased, 6L6 power section found in the high power Supro amps of the 60’s with the cabinet dimensions of our award-winning Tremo-Verb model, the Titan delivers unrivaled definition and projection in a remarkably compact, gig friendly package. Never sterile or clinical sounding, the Titan has a huge, warm, full bodied sound with enough volume to play any size venue.
The Titan amp comes equipped with a brand-new, state of the art, USA made HP10 speaker that was designed specifically for this model. The HP10 speaker is a unique driver that combines the exceptional
clarity and treble extension of the Supro CR10 speaker, with a larger magnet and a hemp cone for a distinctively smooth character that remains sweet, no matter how hard you push it.

Tube driven six-spring reverb and output tube tremolo add depth and dimension to the Titan’s glorious sound. As with all Supro reverb amps, the tremolo is found AFTER the reverb, creating a haunting, vintage-correct modulated reverb effect that is unique to the Supro range. Love pedals? Try a PAIR of Titan amps in stereo, for the full 100-Watt Class-A Experience!

1622RT Titan

$1,995.00 Regular Price
$1,499.00Sale Price
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